Vastu shastra and feng shui

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Vastu Shastra And Feng Shui

Tips 2

Owner's Piture

In your office make sure you frame a good photograph of yourself (owner) in a Red bordered frame and fix it in the south zone of your office. This is a good tip to enhance your name and goodwill.

You may even print your company's name or Product's brand name in red letters on a pink background and stick it in the south zone of your office. This will enhance the goodwill and name of your self, your company, your product.

The reason for the above is that, the elements of the south is fire, and the aspiration attached to it, is 'Fame'. Red colour is symbolic of the fire element.

Thank you for Reading.

(Pallav Bhatt)

Introduction to Feng Shui
The "Pa-Kua" grid is a grid of 8 life aspirations. This grid gives you direction, whether your house, factory, or any other place is
according to Vastu Shastra/Feng Shui Compass or not! For Example : Marriage Corner is South-West, Wealth corner is South-East, Fame area is in the South, You can use this grid and place it over the plan of your house, factory, plant to get idea. For Example : If there is a cut in the North Zone of your house, then your carrer will have difficulties!! The Vastu Shastra And Feng Shui are based on Scientific Calculations and Calculation of Elements which are in Nature. There are Five Elements in Nature. 1.Wood, 2.Fire, 3.Earth, 4.Metal, 5.Water. This elements are inter-related with each other in two ways. First Productive way and Second Destructive way. Productive way produce Productive Cycle and Destructive way produce Destructive Cycle. Productive Cycle of Elements See image of "Productive Cycle"

* Fire in turns produces earth, because the fire burns and creates ash/earth.

* Earth produces metal, because metal is mined from the earth.

* Metal produces water, because metal can me melted and then it acquires liquid state like water.

* Water produces wood because by watering only we can grow plants.

* Wood produces fire, which means that you can produce fire by burning wood.

"Desctructive Cycle"

* You can easily understand that Wood destroy Earth, because tree grow on Earth and suck away all minerals and Earth barren.

* Fire destroy Metal, because Fire melts the Metal.

* Earth destroy water, because Earth absorbs all the Water, when it rains.

* Metal destroy woods, because implements made of sharp Metal can cut the trees.

* Water destroy Fire, because water can put off any Fire.

The understanding behind the Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui is to maintain and keep all elements at its right places.
Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui helps you to maintain all the elements at its right place. Once you maintain all elements in you Home,
your home will be HAPPY HOME!!

Disclaimer : This Section Describe information and techniques, which have been used throughout the orient for many years.
The information detailed in this section, is to from the Golden Old books and experience and knowledge of variouse Vastu Shastri and Feng Shui Master, and there are no claims
for their absolute effectiveness. All the information to be used by the readers at their own discreation and liability. It may or may not effective, depending on some stage of development.
The use of Information/Content offered in this section is totally to the reader's own responsibility and author, co-author, publisher, or are not responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever.

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