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ARIES How to know your Rashi

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ndian Panchang Tithi




As you are born in this ascendant sign, stars indicate that you have a sturdy physique and a pleasing personality. Unfortunately, the only problem with you is that you suffer from a superiority complex, considering yourself superior to the remaining of mankind. You are bearers of the slogan "Hail the aspirant soul".




You are true sons/daughters of Odysseus and enjoy taking risks to add spice to your lives. But I am sorry to say that you are quite indecisive and don't always stick to your decision. You are as stubborn as a mule and refuse to budge from your stand unless you wish to do so. Each individual boils at a different degree, but as you happen to belong to a fire sign, you boil faster and for a longer time, making you short tempered. So the only advice for you is that while others count to ten, you ought to count to hundred. Success is best when it is hard earned, and in your case, that is the type of success you will get. While others will rest in the shade of the laurels they have earned, you will have to work even harder to maintain it. A popular saying goes, "Nothing is friendlier to a man than a friend in need". You happen to be lucky enough to always have a friend by your side in your time of need. The boss of every show and the ruler of every realm is what you like to be. You always believe in yourself and have confidence in the decisions that you make. You are a reformer at heart. Thus, you cannot be confined to any rules and regulations set by society. You like to lead, rather than be led, and aspire to touch the skies.


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