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Know Yourself

As you are born in this ascendant sign, stars indicate that you will be of a medium height, with a strong body and at a later age, you may develop hair loss. You are a person with a striking personality.


You are a self-centered person with a small friend circle, as you always try to see what you could extract from your friendship with a person. You are a courageous hard worker with a dominating nature. You like commands obeyed, rather than obey them yourself. According to German research, a Scorpio and a Scorpio won't make a good match. You are very decisive and once a decision is made, it lasts forever, as one can be sure that no alteration shall be done. You are selfish, short tempered and usually give cause for conflicts amongst your family members and relatives. You happen to be a stubborn mule and once you take up a front, you will go to any extent to stand by it. Although you have so many negative qualities you happen to be a dreamer, which makes you very creative. You are advised to be on the look out for accidents from fire and metal injuries.


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