Cancer Rashi Nature

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You are born in Cancer ascendant sign, your stars indicate that you are of an rage height. If you are little shorter or taller, then consider that your stars have given you a little less or a little more. You will have frequent health problems. If you are a lady, you shall be blessed with a small pretty face and a complexion like that of Snow White.

Nature of Person born in Cancer

You have a creative and innovative mind. You have an inborn fright of the unknown, often leading to indecisiveness when it comes to decision making. "'Tis an old maxim in the schools That flattery is the food of fools; Yet now and then you men of wit Will condescend to take a bit." Unfortunately, you are gullible enough to find this food for fools ambrosia, easily falling into the hands of deceivers who wait to get the better of you. You are fickle minded and change your decisions at the drop of a hat, but all the same, you lead a very disciplined life. You are a peace loving philanthropist, and channelize all efforts towards the well-being of your fellow beings. You share an umbilical attachment with your family, and they mean the world to you. They are always your priority in life. You always put your best into your work. You believe in what Robert Frost says: A champion of the working man has never been known to die of overwork.

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