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Rising Scorpio in Lagna

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ndian Panchang Tithi


People with Scorpio rising tend to be secretive, deep, withdrawn, mysterious, regenerate or degenerate, reserved, hard to understand, courageous, willful, persistent, stubborn in thought, creative, self- reliant, self-controlled (except perhaps with the passions), and silent. According to the spiritual astrologer Isabel Hickey, no unevolved soul is born with Scorpio rising. This is a powerhouse rising sign. It represents the battleground where the higher and lower selves must come to mortal combat. They must be aligned and the lower self eventually must die and give way to and obey the higher self, the God within. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels are all involved. You appear calm on the surface, but you can be extremely emotional inside. "Still waters run deep", as they say. You tend to be the silent type, always wanting to know others' motivations, but never disclosing your own.

You love to play the detective or the ferret. You have to know everything, all the how's and why's. You have great determination and strength, enough to overcome any adversary, even yourself. You need to overcome resentment, possessiveness and jealousy. There may be a fascination, preoccupation, interest and/or ability with the occult, death, sex or healing. You can be a devil or an angel, the eagle or the stinging scorpion. Spiritual lesson to learn: Forgiveness. Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio so Mars and Pluto will be important in your chart.

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