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Virgo Ascendants Rising Virgo

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People with Virgo rising or say Virgo ascendants tend to be practical, analytical, discriminating, fastidious, careful, exacting, attentive to details, methodical, quiet, unassuming, shy, critical, thoughtful, and somewhat self-centered. You have an ingenious, active and alert mind. Gaining knowledge and putting it to good use are important to you. Virgo ascendants strive for perfection and can be quite the person to live with or to be around because your standards for yourself and others are so high. At times others can never be "good" enough to meet those high standards. Finding fault with what's wrong with things is your forte. Sometimes, though, this can make relationships sour as you often turn your critical eye on the one you love and the things they do. Pessimism and being too self-critical are two faults you should try to improve upon. Virgo ascendants may tend to worry too much, especially about the small stuff, the little details.

Too much worry can lead to health problems. "Virgo ascendants" need to learn to digest every experience and assimilate it without bitterness, regret, spite or resentment. You need to get rid of any negativity that stems from a feeling of inadequacy. You tend to look younger han you really are, no matter what your age. You are very restless and nervous, so you seldom have much weight on you. At times you can be very indecisive and unsure. Spiritual lesson to learn: Service. Mercury rules Virgo so Mercury will be important in your chart.

Virgo ascendants can be quiet and lose yourself in the rhythm of work. Because of your insecure feelings, you can sometimes be blind or too myopic to see when something is going well. When you have job satisfaction, it is easier for you to relax into the day. It is important to have outlets for nervous body tension and to take your workout routine seriously. You suffer more than most when your balance is upset, which is why you are resistant to major changes. You may be negatively triggered by change and will want to watch that.

Virgo ascendants have a tendency to worry a lot, especially when confronted with new situations. They notice the tiniest details that others overlook. Because many Virgo types are nervous, this can affect your digestion. You come across as sincere and capable. You shine most when you know your efforts are appreciated. You have an instinct for doing what is right and fair. Others rely on you for a true, unfiltered account of what is going on, though you may miss the emotional nuances. Your practical outlook helps you stay grounded in a crisis, as you focus on the small steps that need to be done. You may enjoy work that involves refining or tending to the details, like editing, art restoration, or physical therapy. Your gift is understanding the whole, and how the parts fit together. That's why you are a genius at systems, and any work related to refining a system. You personality traits including being helpful, articulate, methodical, modest, fair-minded, persnickety, and a perfectionist. You sport a clean, neat look. You are generally healthy and have scrutinizing eyes. You prefer natural fabrics. Your fashion sense is unpretentious.

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